Discovering Scotland : Perth.

A day off work + 3 friends = the perfect day to encourage our sense of spontaneity and well, discover some more of Scotland.

Today has been one of those days where we woke up, decided to head somewhere and somehow stumbled upon the idea to venture out of Glasgow. The next decision was, where exactly do we go? It didn’t take us too long to decide on somewhere, in fact it pretty much consisted of one suggesting Perth and the other 2 of us agreeing. I think honestly we were all up for going anywhere but a not too long train journey to Perth sounded like a great idea.


So here we are. Currently on our train to Perth (wishing it was the other Perth Australia but hey we can’t be fussy. We certainly wouldn’t get there and back in a day).

I have no idea at all what we’ll find in Perth. Honestly, it’s one place I’ve never really looked into much so it’s exciting thinking of what we might discover.

Have you been to Perth in Scotland before? Maybe you’re from there? Feel free to leave me a comment below and let us know of anything interesting to see or do. Give us some inspiration of how to make the most of our day.


Not very spontaneous of me.

I still haven’t applied for this spontaneity champion.. People keep asking me if I’ve applied as well, and I’m just like, “No, not yet.” I will apply, eventually. The thing is, it is a once in a lifetime chance, something I’d absolutely love to do so I don’t know why I haven’t applied already. I need to move and make my YouTube video and just go for it and be spontaneous! I will apply and I will wish so hard that I’ll get through because would honestly be a dream come true for me. Travelling is my passion and having the opportunity that they are giving you, it’s incredible. I couldn’t even imagine the possibilities that would await me, just talking about it is so exciting. I will do it, I will apply.. And soon! I have 18 days left after all but I can’t leave it to the last minute.

I am excited to apply but I think I still don’t know what to say, people say I am spontaneous but I don’t understand how? I’ll maybe need to ask them before I apply, give myself some spontaneous adventures.