Dublin baby.

Dublin is one of those places that honestly, you have to visit. Whether it’s for a day, a weekend, a week, whatever.

I went recently again for 2 days with 5 of my best friends and it was amazing as always. We were there to celebrate one of us turning 21 and it was the best place to go. Cheap flights over from Glasgow, cost us £30 each for a return flight.

We stayed in Gogarty’s hostel, it was our second time there as it’s a decent place to go. It’s clean enough, the staff are friendly, it’s a reasonable price. There really isn’t anything I could fault with it, plus it’s right on temple bar. Great if you’re there for a drunken weekend, which we were.

We got to know a bit more of Dublin this time, walking around more streets and finding our way about more. Which made us decide to go visit Dublin zoo… Most exciting part for me! I’m like a big child, been looking forward to going to the zoo for ages so it was great for me.

I would without a doubt suggest to anyone to go there, but maybe research what to do before you go as we always forget to. Typical… If anyone knows of any great things to do in Dublin please let me know for future reference would be great to find something different to do next time I go!