Paris is calling

What do you do with less than 24 hours in Paris? How do you prioritise must do’s and sees against the not so quite important things? I’m currently searching for the answer.

With my upcoming American road trip I don’t exactly have a vast amount of money to spare when it comes to taking trips and travelling at the moment. Hence the less than 24 hours in Paris part. I’ve managed so scrape the money together to get a bus from Glasgow to Paris. The way I see it is more of a birthday present to myself, (I’m 23 the day before I go).

I’ve searched the depths of the Internet (sometimes ending up in the deep, dark part of it), all to try and find the must see and do things while I’m in Paris. With less than a full day in the city I want to spend my time wisely to see as much as I can but without rushing it either.

I will obviously be a bit of a typical tourist visiting the eiffel tower, the Louvre etc but I also want to see the parts of Paris that the Parisians for the most part have kept so well to themselves. I want to discover secret, hidden away places that most people wouldn’t dare to take a second glance at and delve into to discover the wonders of. I have a few ideas of where to head to but would absolutely love to hear from you all on where I must go or what I must see.

Paris is somewhere I’ve been meaning to go back to visit for such a long time now. My last time there was 2009 on a school trip that didn’t end quite so well for me but that’s a story for another time.

Where are your favourite places to go in Paris?
Whether it be a park, a café or even a book shop. Leave me a comment and maybe I’ll be able to see the places that steal your heart in Paris.

Yasmin x


I found this beautiful picture through instagram. Credit to @marinaanicole.

Cities in a hat!

Each year my friends and I pick a different city to visit for the weekend. So far we’ve found ourselves in:

  • Dublin (twice).
  • Newcastle.
  • Amsterdam.

The question of course, was where do we go next? We decided to make it a little more fun and each picked a different place we wanted to visit.
So, Monday night sat in a pub in a pretty much drunken state for us all, we decided this was the perfect time and place (obviously) for us to make our final decisions and pick where we would be going. 

The 6 of us (well 5, as one of my friends didn’t make it). Needless to say she got a mail like, “where are you picking, we’re choosing now?!” So with her option chosen, it was down to the 5 of us to whittle down where we want to go. After much debating, we all chose:

  • Stockholm, Sweden. 
  • Oslo, Norway. 
  • Prague, Czech Republic. 
  • Dubrovnik, Croatia. 
  • Budapest, Hungary.
  • Kraków, Poland. 

It’s pretty much since we got back from Amsterdam in November we’ve been discussing doing this. Although anywhere I picked my friends didn’t seem to want to go, so as a last minute decision I picked Kraków, Poland.

Now it was down to someone picking where we went, the obvious choice was ask the bar staff to choose. And guess whose choice got picked.. mine.

Kraków here we come.
It won’t be until nearer the end of the year but even still, it’s exciting just planning these things.

Have you been to Kraków before? Or maybe you’ve been to one of the other places we were choosing between? Leave me a comment and let me know.

Yasmin x

Travel Goals

When it comes to new year I’m not really a fan of resolutions, mainly because half way through the year I find I’ve given up. This year I’m not making resolutions as such, I’ve decided on a few goals which don’t necessarily last the year. Of these goals a few are travel related and that’s why I’m sharing them with you all.


  • Go on at least one weekend away myself.

I’ve decided I will find the money and time. Just to take five minutes rest from my life and the hassle of everything and go on an adventure. Nothing is set in stone but I’m hoping to at least try and visit Barcelona and Paris (mainly because they’re super close to the UK and I know there would be loads for me to do).

  • Go on a trip with my friends.

So obviously not including my American road trip with my friends, as that’s completely set in stone and 100% happening (plus not all my friends are going). I’m hoping we all have another weekend away together somewhere else in Europe, last year we had Amsterdam I wonder where we will find ourselves this year? 

  • See more of Scotland.

I love my country so much and I love exploring it, going to places I’ve never been before but it’s something I feel I don’t do enough of. Hopefully this year that changes. Whether I jump on a bus (driving is out the window as I share a car with my mum and we’ve had a bit of a falling out unfortunately) and even just explore a part of Glasgow I’ve never seen before. Or get the train through to Edinburgh for a bit of exploring in our capital, or venturing further out to places which are unknown to me, any will make me happy. 

Driving to the Cairngorms in Scotland

Anyway, those are my travel plans for 2016 so far. Do you have any plans? Let me know.

Yasmin x

Why I love to travel 

Pretty views from the plane

I don’t need to question why I love to travel at all, because I know. 

When I was younger, starting from the age of five my gran and granda took me on holiday with them. Every summer for 8 years we’d go to Spain (they still go), but that isn’t where my passion for travel started. Go back a year previous, so little old me at the age of four went with them up to the highlands and my Granda taught me to ski. For the next four or five years that’s where I spent my time skiing but when I was that little bit older, that’s when I began to see more of the world. Thanks to my wonderful grandparents, I started to ski across the world. 


My wonderful grandparents. Lachlan and Jeanette.
Going to countries within Europe such as; France, Italy, Andorra, Bulgaria etc. It was something else. My first views of them all was travelling via bus up the sides of mountains, getting higher and higher and seeing these completely scenic views.

Mountains covered in snow on one side yet you look at the other, down the side of the mountain and it’s a view of green. 


This is definitely where my love of travel began. 
It’s those memories that I love and it’s those memories that make me want to see more of the world. The people I met throughout the years and the places that I’ve seen so far have been incredible.

I have to thank my gran and granda, if it wasn’t for them taking me to so many beautiful countries as I grew up.. I don’t know if I’d have as much of a passion for travelling as I do. 

And well, that’s where my love for travel began. 
What about you? Where did your love to travel start from? Come share your story with me.

Yasmin x 


50 cities 

This is a little list of more than a few cities that I want to travel in this beautiful world. Some I have already been to but this list was made a while ago and it just wouldn’t feel right taking them out.
So, in no particular order:

  1. Prague, Czech Republic.
  2. Los Angeles, USA.
  3. Dubrovnik, Croatia.
  4. Marrakech, Morocco.
  5. San Francisco, USA.
  6. Copenhagen, Denmark.
  7. Innsbruck, Austria.
  8. Baku, Azerbaijan.
  9. Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  10. Perth, Australia.
  11. Las Vegas, USA.
  12. Kraków, Poland.
  13. New Orleans, USA.
  14. Hong Kong, China.
  15. Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  16. Oslo, Norway.
  17. Phuket, Thailand.
  18. Dubai, UAE.
  19. Suva, Fiji.
  20. Seoul, South Korea.
  21. Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  22. Stockholm, Sweden.
  23. Sana’a, Yemen.
  24. Reykjavik, Iceland.
  25. Bergen, Norway.
  26. Toamasina, Madagascar.
  27. Bruges, Belgium.
  28. Singapore, Singapore.
  29. Budapest, Hungary.
  30. Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam.
  31. Kyoto, Japan.
  32. Bangkok, Thailand.
  33. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  34. Berlin, Germany.
  35. Yangon, Myanmar.
  36. Cape Town, South Africa.
  37. Brussels, Belgium.
  38. Lima, Peru.
  39. Philadelphia, USA.
  40. Albuquerque, USA.
  41. Tokyo, Japan.
  42. Vienna, Austria.
  43. Colombo, Sri Lanka.
  44. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  45. Manila, Philippines.
  46. Beirut, Lebanon.
  47. Montevideo, Uruguay.
  48. Barcelona, Spain.
  49. New York City, USA.
  50. Venice, Italy.

Well that’s my 50, I can’t say it’s my top 50 because I’ve got a list which has many more than 50 places so honestly, I just picked these at random. There’s far too many in which I wish to visit, far too many for me to go picking tops as well!

Maybe at a later date you’ll find another post of mine with a definitive list that are all my must visit places and I’ll take out all the ones that I’ve maybe randomly put in.. But honestly, I want to see every part of this world so you might just continuously see posts of the places I wish to go until I’ve named every possible place on earth.

Where are all your ‘I must go here’ places to visit? How about commenting and giving me your top 5? Whether you’ve been and it’s somewhere you loved or whether it’s just somewhere on your ‘one day I’ll visit here’ list. I’d love to hear where we all want to go and see if anyone has any in common!
Yasmin x 

Unusual city breaks

After our weekend in Amsterdam my friends and I have decided we need to be going somewhere for a city break at least once a year. 
The thing is, a few of us don’t want to do the usual city breaks. We’ve done Amsterdam but we want to be going to more unusual places. Some of us are throwing ideas about and it includes places such as: 

  • Copenhagen 
  • Stockholm
  • Kraków 

Although I would love to visit these places and think they would be amazing, theyre just not unusual enough for me. I want random places that most people won’t even have heard of! 

This is where you all come in.. I was hoping you all would be able to give me ideas of places? 

Is there anywhere you have visited? Somewhere you’ve heard of? 

I keep searching, trying to find really unusual places and I’ve found a few such as:

  • Olomouc
  • Valletta
  • Sibiu
  • Wroclaw

We don’t have any specifics at all, as to where, what there is to do, weather etc. 

Please guys, any advice on where to go would be much appreciated. Leave a comment and let me know! Thanks.