Paris is calling

What do you do with less than 24 hours in Paris? How do you prioritise must do’s and sees against the not so quite important things? I’m currently searching for the answer.

With my upcoming American road trip I don’t exactly have a vast amount of money to spare when it comes to taking trips and travelling at the moment. Hence the less than 24 hours in Paris part. I’ve managed so scrape the money together to get a bus from Glasgow to Paris. The way I see it is more of a birthday present to myself, (I’m 23 the day before I go).

I’ve searched the depths of the Internet (sometimes ending up in the deep, dark part of it), all to try and find the must see and do things while I’m in Paris. With less than a full day in the city I want to spend my time wisely to see as much as I can but without rushing it either.

I will obviously be a bit of a typical tourist visiting the eiffel tower, the Louvre etc but I also want to see the parts of Paris that the Parisians for the most part have kept so well to themselves. I want to discover secret, hidden away places that most people wouldn’t dare to take a second glance at and delve into to discover the wonders of. I have a few ideas of where to head to but would absolutely love to hear from you all on where I must go or what I must see.

Paris is somewhere I’ve been meaning to go back to visit for such a long time now. My last time there was 2009 on a school trip that didn’t end quite so well for me but that’s a story for another time.

Where are your favourite places to go in Paris?
Whether it be a park, a café or even a book shop. Leave me a comment and maybe I’ll be able to see the places that steal your heart in Paris.

Yasmin x


I found this beautiful picture through instagram. Credit to @marinaanicole.

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    • yasmintravels March 8, 2016 / 23:24

      Thank you! Will definitely need to look into it

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