Who I am and why I’m here

I know I have an ‘about me’ page telling you all a little about myself but I just wanted to do a little post to properly introduce myself and tell you all about me because I’ve had this blog for almost 3 years and haven’t done so (how rude of me). I apologise for that.

hello from me

Hey there everyone, my name is Yasmin. I’m 22, currently dreading turning 23 as I feel the years are flying by and I find myself wondering what am I doing with my life? With no answer to be found.

I’m from Glasgow, Scotland.

Can I tell you all something? I’m so glad that I am. I love being Scottish. There’s just something about Scotland, no matter how much I slag it off and complain it, it will always be the centre of my heart.

I absolutely love to travel, hence why I’ve created yasmintravels. There’s something about this planet, something about the countries that make it up, something about the people that enhabit the earth. I don’t think we often realise what an incredible place we live in. Getting all deep, soz about me.

Every single year since I was about 4 I’ve travelled, both far and wide. That’s almost 19 years of seeing this planet. Obviously though most were wee family holidays, but everything counts. It’s only really the past few years I’m getting to see much more of the world.

Apart from travelling I mostly love music, I’m a big fan of gigs and festivals. To me there’s not much better than seeing my favourite bands or artists live in front of me, playing the music I love. I’ve found myself travelling to many places within the UK for gigs, often myself but occasionally with a friend or two. The past 2 couple of years I have broadened by gig travelling though, seeing one band in Dublin, Ireland and another artist in Berlin, Garmany.

I’ve often found myself working at festivals behind the bars, where I’ve made some great friends, seen great bands and had so much fun. Last year alone I worked at:

  • T in The Park in Strathallan, Scotland.
  • V festival, Stafford.
  • Leeds festival, Leeds.


With a great bunch of new friends working at Leeds Festival


6 cholas in Amsterdam – These 5 girls are incredible and I’m so glad I get to call them my best friends

Speaking of friends, I love mine. They’re the best group of lads I could ever wish for, they’ve made my life up until now fun and exciting. Having known 4 of them for over 18 years and the last of the group about 8 years, they all mean an awful lot to me and I really don’t know what I would do or where I would be without them. They’re my travelling companions also. Going with my 5 best friends on weekends away to near and far places is great, it’s always great to have someone to travel with.

Anyway, I’m just kind of rambling on now. I don’t have much more to say except, thank you.

Whether you’ve followed for a while or just stumbled upon a post, thank you. It’s you all reading, liking and commenting that encourages me to continue on with this.

Please feel free to comment and say hi, introduce yourself as I always love getting to know new people.

Yasmin x

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