Brits driving in America

Just over four months from now my friends and I will be arriving in Boston, ready to spend the next month driving to San Francisco. There’s four of us going on the trip, with 3 of us driving; all of which are pretty nervous about it.

I mean, we’re Scottish.. We’re going from being on the right side of the car driving on the left side of the road to the complete opposite; left side of the car driving on the right side of the road. Going from driving a manual to an automatic. You couldn’t get much more of a bigger change if you tried.


For the past 4/5 years we’ve been driving here in Scotland, so used to not even thinking about how to actually drive anymore. Whereas the minute we get in the car in America it’s definitely going to be a case of What are we doing? Why did we decide to drive?


Are we just overthinking it all? Are we going to get in the car and be completely fine with driving the opposite to how we usually do or are we completely right to be slightly freaking out?


We would all much appreciate it if any of you could give us any advice or tips on driving in America? Things we must know or do, things just to help us get used to all of the differences.

Leave me a wee comment if you have anything to say. Thank you all in advance.

Yasmin x


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