Hallo Amsterdam

Amsterdam, known for its prostitution and leniency towards drugs but like any place renowned for things this isn’t all Amsterdam is about.

Whenever anyone mentions Amsterdam it is about drugs or Amsterdam’s “Red Light District” I think this makes many people wary of Amsterdam and they then think this is all the city is about. But, there’s so much more to Amsterdam. There’s so much in every country that people just don’t take an interest in these days. I for one, will be taking full advantage of my time over there by trying to experience and visit as many places as I can; such as the Ann Frank’s house and the Van Gogh museum. If I’m completely honest, what I’m looking forward to most.. Hiring a bike and cycling round this beautiful city. I love cycling and it’s something I don’t get the chance to do as much anymore, so taking time and using a bike to get around a beautiful city like Amsterdam is right up my street! It’s the little things I love most, the random little cafes, pubs or bars. This is the types of things I want to discover in Amsterdam. I want to not be a ‘tourist’, I mean yes I want to see places that tourists all flock to but I want to do the things the locals do. I want to go to the places they go, eat at the places they eat.
I‘m currently trying to learn some Dutch, I feel like I should have a basic knowledge of the language of any country I visit these days and if I’m honest, I’m really enjoying learning Dutch. It’s always good to know at least the basics, so that when you’re at restaurants or people are speaking to you you’re not completely lost. I know many Dutch people have a great knowledge of the English language but even still. I like to be able to say hello, or thank people, apologise etc. So what better way to end my post on Amsterdam than to say..

Bedankt en tot ziens.

One thought on “Hallo Amsterdam

  1. heimwee2456 September 26, 2015 / 23:24

    Hi! I know one page that will help you with Dutch: http://www.dutchgrammar.com .On that page is everything about Dutch grammar and it’s available in many different languages. If you want to know Dutch language deeper, look for a dictionary or, how I did because in my language isn’t written any dictionary, translate a lot of articles and write words from them. I also started translating whole English-Slovak dictionary (and finished it apx 2 months ago), because there isn’t any place on internet where can common Slovak girl buy a Dutch-Slovak dictionary. -.-
    Also, I write about traveling, too, can we do follow for follow? 🙂

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