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Launched in 2013 as a community for bloggers, travellers and generally fun-loving people from around the world.

About Yasmin-Travels 

Hello & Welcome bloggers and non-bloggers alike!

If you love travelling and experiencing the world, if you’re fun-loving and appreciate travel along with basic lifestyle posts, well you’ll feel right at home here. Yasmintravels started as a place for me to rant about my travelling experiences and whatever else came to mind. But hey, look at us now it’s 5 years later and I’m still here. Albeit I’m not always the best at updating you all on what’s happening, I’m just not great in general at running one of these things if I’m completely honest. I post what I can, when I can and hope someone takes some sort of interest and if it doesn’t interest anyone? Well thanks for popping by anyway. In saying this 2018 will be my year and I’m working on bringing more content a lot more regularly. 

Now, I feel it’s only fair seen as you’ve stumbled across this that I tell you a little about myself, don’t you agree?


^ This is me loving life while drinking some Belgian beer in Brussels.

Where to start with my story..

My name is Yasmin. I’m just your completely average 25 year old Scottish girl, born and raised in Glasgow in the West of Scotland. I work in retail. Just doing that 9 to 5 (although it’s more like 7:30 am to 5 pm or 1pm to 10pm). It’s worth it when I think of my current end goal, save and be able to travel the world. I love music, I’d say I have quite an elective taste. I also love art, I’m a massive fan of spending the day wandering through an art gallery. In fact, when I’m in London I usually find myself doing this.

Stick around here some more – like, follow, comment whatever floats your boat. Failing that hit me up at contact@yasmintravels.me or on twitter / instagram.

Thanks for reading, hopefully I’ll see you around soon!

Yasmin x

13 thoughts on “Hello & Welcome!

  1. Hiya Yasmin…actually our paths could have crossed already. I lived in Dalry, Scotland for 4 years, and traveled a great deal of Scotland, and all in Europe too, in that time.

    I love to travel as well, and have done a dandy job of it. No, I’ve never backpacked anywhere, but I like hearing the adventure stories of those who have. There’s much of the earth I haven’t seen yet, but there’s still time for me, and buckets of time for you too.

    We are so fortunate to be able to travel in lots of ways these days. From my screen right now, and though your eyes, I can see much of the world, just as I have through the eyes of other bloggers. It may not always be the most favorite, but I like different perspectives on things. I can see the world in person, but from only my vantage point. It’s also nice to have many more.

    1. Hello, oh I’ve never been to Dalry but I know it isn’t actually too far.
      I’m someone who loves hearing the stories of others too. What better way to explore somewhere you haven’t been than through the eyes of someone else. Whether it be pictures or words, your imagination can do wonders to take you to those places.

  2. Hey Yasmin! Just found your blog when I was looking at other people who had posted about Paris, because I recently travelled there and just wrote a post about food there on my blog! I really enjoyed reading all of your posts, looks like you’ve been on some great trips! Check out my post on Paris if you get a spare minute, would mean a lot 🙂 travelroundabout.wordpress.com xx

  3. Hey Yasmin, just came across your blog and love it! I totally relate to feeling nervous about starting a blog and even every post I do I feel the same! I also like that you are travelling locally, I don’t feel people do that often enough! I’m from North Wales and when I was home I tried to see as much of my area when I wasn’t working as I could, and I loved it! I’m now living in Melbourne and working and travelling, check out my blog for travel tips and pictures! (: http://beewanderlust.com/

    1. Hey. Thanks! I’m definitely still so nervous about it, I don’t mind so much people I don’t know reading it but its people I do know reading it that makes me most nervous haha! I’ll definitely have a look at your blog and look forward to reading some of your posts!

      1. Yes I am totally the same! haha I like feedback off people I don’t know too! Thanks! Let me know what you think! (: Looking forward to reading your posts!

  4. Hi Yasmin! Thanks for the follow! I’m so excited for you to roadtrip across the USA, you will absolutely love it!! I’m so jealous that my trip is over and you still have yours to look forward to haha!

    Enjoy, and just ask if you want any advice on places to go/things to see etc! 🙂

    1. Hey no problem. I’m looking forward to it so much, I’ve noticed I’m going to a place or two that is the same (Nashville and Amarillo/Cadillac ranch) I’ll definitely keep that in mind if I have any questions.
      You’re trip looked amazing, I’m very jealous. Can’t wait to read more from you.

  5. Hi Yasmin,
    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for following my blog. New York for New Year sounds amazing! I can’t wait to get to New York either. I’ll be star struck I think.
    I wasn’t planning to be a solo traveller, and had the same fears as you about being able to talk to strangers and make new friends, but the thing is that not everyone is as shy as us (not that I’m shy after the first five minutes!). Other people will talk to you, I promise. And try not to get too upset with your dad. He’s just worried about you, and the more you can (patiently – my parents weren’t so keen either and I’m almost a decade older than you) show him that you have planned and saved and budgeted and aren’t going to get yourself killed, the sooner he will come around. Don’t expect him to stop worrying though 😉

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